The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) has given capital punishment to one individual

The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) has given capital punishment to one individual of Mashal Khan kill case. While five others were given 25-year detainment each.

In the mean time, 26 were vindicated from the correctional facility.

Principle speculate Imran Ali who admitted of shooting Mashal Khan under the watchful eye of the court has been condemned to death.

ATC judge Jugde Fazal Khan Subhan gave the decision as tight security plans have been made around prison and place of Mashal Khan.

While conversing with media outside the prison, Mashal Khan’s sibling Aimal Khan-said that he asked nobody needs to go through such torment and turmoil.

“My mom said that her child kicked the bucket and she doesn’t need any other person to face such circumstance,” he said.

He additionally said that he and his family is happy with security given to them. “The high authorities of police kept consistent correspondence with us and goes to our home on normal bases,” he said.

While offering answer to an inquiry, he said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan promised to name a college after Mashal Khan yet it is as yet not satisfied.

In the interim, KP government has chosen to claim against the arrival of 26 suspects.

ATC began hearing the body of evidence in September 2017 against more than 50 suspects including understudies and staff individuals from Abdul Wali Khan University, where Mashal was lynched by a swarm under affirmations of profanation.

Father of Iqbal Khan and his relatives are confident that they will get equity for this situation.

Mashal Khan, an understudy of Mass Communication, was pounded the life out of and shot by an irate crowd under charges of lewdness on April 3, 2017.

The decision by ATC was held on January 27, after court closed procedures. More than 50 witnesses including father of Mashal Khan, his companions and educators recorded their announcements.

Besides, the KP police introduced confirms under the watchful eye of the court including pictures and recordings to call attention to the blamed.

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