GOP rep loses spot on Ethics Committee over inappropriate behavior settlement

GOP rep loses spot on Ethics Committee over inappropriate behavior settlement

BY JOHN BOWDEN – 01/20/18 05:14 PM EST 212

GOP rep loses spot on Ethics Committee over lewd behavior settlement © Keren Carrion

Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Meehan (R) is being expelled from his task on the House Ethics Committee after The New York Times announced that he utilized citizen cash to settle a lewd behavior protest with a previous staff member.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) representative AshLee Strong disclosed to The Hill in an announcement that Ryan was “quickly” moving to strip Meehan’s advisory group position, and had guided him to reimburse the full cost of the settlement to citizens.

“Speaker Ryan takes the charges against Mr. Meehan genuinely. The speaker is focused on finding sexual unfortunate behavior in the House and giving casualties the assets they require. The House is set to pass major bipartisan change to the way the House handles cases of lewd behavior, and the speaker will apply these new models to the claims made against Mr. Meehan,” Strong said.

“Following a discussion with the Speaker today, Mr. Meehan will quickly submit himself to the Ethics Committee for audit,” she included. “The new changes going into put bar the utilization of citizen cash to pay settlements, thus the speaker has likewise told Mr. Meehan that he ought to reimburse whatever citizen reserves were utilized to settle this case.”

“Furthermore,” Strong stated, “Mr. Meehan is by and large quickly expelled from the House Ethics Committee.”

The announcement from Ryan’s office comes after the Times revealed that Meehan purportedly developed threatening when a previous associate did not acknowledge his sentimental suggestions.

The pushback from Meehan and resulting examination crushed the lady’s life, the Times reports, constraining her to move back in with her folks in the midst of mounting legitimate charges. She inevitably settled with Meehan through the Office of Compliance, getting a payout said to be in the thousands, however the aggregate sum has not been made open.

The settlement was paid from Meehan’s congressional office finance, which means it could be veiled as pay and announced months after the fact. Meehan’s interchanges chief told the Times in an announcement that the official “denies these charges.”

A year ago, the previous longest-serving House official, Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) ventured down after a comparable settlement was revealed.

Drew McGinty, a Democrat running against Meehan in the 2018 midterm races, approached the legislator to promptly leave over the announced utilization of citizen dollars to settle the dissension.

“Meehan was voted in to advocate for the best advantages of the seventh area, yet rather utilized his energy to actually and monetarily assault a staff member. His activities are shocking and today I am approaching Meehan to quickly leave from Congress,” McGinty said in an announcement.

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