Pakistan howls over US ‘place stock in insufficiency’ over Afghan conflict

Pakistan howls over US ‘place stock in insufficiency’ over Afghan conflic By Secunder Kermani BBC News, Islamabad

24 October 2017

Media caption”One enter factor is missing in our relationship – trust”

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has told the BBC there is a “massive placed stock in shortage” between his country and the US over the conflict in Afghanistan.

Mr Asif was talking resulting to meeting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

He is the principle senior US specialist to visit Pakistan after President Trump reprimanded the country for giving “spots of shelter” to the Taliban.

Mr Tillerson reiterated Mr Trump’s call for Pakistan to achieve more to slaughter attacker groups inside its locale.

In any case, Mr Asif requested that there are no “spots of shelter” in Pakistan.

“They needn’t mess with our district any more. Pretty much 40% of Afghan area is at present under the quick control of the Taliban.”

Tillerson in Afghanistan: Photo of meeting plainly doctored

Afghanistan war: Trump’s accomplices and troop numbers

Picture subtitle Mr Asif (L) said he was working with Mr Tillerson (R) to upgrade trust between the US and Pakistan

US military sources suggest the Taliban control around 10% of Afghanistan and test roughly 30% of the country.

US and Afghan experts believe the aggressors can use refuges over the periphery in Pakistan to configuration attacks in Afghanistan.

Some have asserted that the ISI – Pakistan’s knowledge advantage – even cooperates with Afghan aggressors.

Nonetheless, Mr Asif blamed the “ungainliness” of American and worldwide powers in Afghanistan for not completing the dispute.

Trump blocks Afghan troops withdrawal

Khawaja Asif on HARDtalk

He dismissed the probability of fiscal approvals being leveled against Pakistan by the US if his country isn’t respected to do what’s important to deal with the Taliban.

Pakistan just got “a stream” of monetary assistance from the US, he said.

“We don’t get any military hardware from them. We disdain in the past when we were their go-between.

“Having said that there is an availability on the two sides to interface this [trust] lack.”


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