Country must stand joined together, says Kaaba Imam

Country must stand joined together, says Kaaba Imam


Imam-e-Kaaba Sheik Dr Salih Bin Abdullah on Wednesday said that the country must stand joined to transcend individual thought processes and take rulings for the national interests.

Tending to a Cabinet session, where he was welcomed by the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Abdullah said that nations that were not able keep up solidarity and peace succumbed to tricks and were destabilized.

“The three states of advance are dread of God, earnestness, and deliverance,” he said. The Imam said that it was a significant privilege for him to get a welcome from the head administrator, and expressed gratitude toward Abbasi for giving him the chance to visit Pakistan.

“I have gone to Pakistan various circumstances and I think of it as home,” he stated, including that Pak-Saudi ties are long-standing and solid. “Pakistan has constantly bolstered Saudi Arabia,” the Imam stated, “and the Kingdom has dependably remained steadfast with Pakistan in all conditions.”

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