Anybody conflicting with Nawaz will just disrespect himself: AJK PM

Keep going Updated On 22 October,2017 02:26 pm

Any individual who deserts Nawaz Sharif won’t have the capacity to hold his head high, Farooq Haider said.

ISLAMABAD (APP) – Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider on Sunday said that there is no substitution of previous executive Nawaz Sharif and the entire party is joined under his initiative.

Farooq Haider said that a coordinated battle is being rush to break Pakistan Muslim League-N into numerous groups however he said that every such exertion have bombed up until this point and won’t prevail in future.

He said that the PML(N) initiative and specialists are very much aware of the connivance against the PML(N) and Pakistan’s interests.

He stated: “There is just a single pioneer of PML-N and that is Nawaz Sharif. Any individual who disassociates himself from him and lets him down will have no future.

Any individual who deserts Nawaz Sharif won’t have the capacity to hold his head high and pick up trust of the voters. There’s no future for any individual who leaves Nawaz.”

Haider cautioned that Pakistan has paid an overwhelming cost for the slip-ups made in its 70 years history. “We paid a substantial cost in 1971. Such strategies don’t work any longer, any individual who feel that he will prevail through such traps against Nawaz Sharif ought to take in lessons from history and not rehash botches which are bound to come up short.”

Raja Farooq Haider deplored that a couple of online networking activists were captured by the FIA for practicing their privilege of free discourse. He said anybody disregarding the law ought to be attempted under the digital wrongdoing laws however activity shouldn’t be prejudicial towards just a single gathering.

He said that seizing of the activists was inadmissible in light of the fact that flexibility of articulation is a central human right.

He said such activities conveyed terrible picture to Pakistan abroad and gave a wrong impression about Pakistan. “This is against the interests of Pakistan,” he said in his finishing up comments.

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