Confidence in absolution of Prophethood premise of Muslim confidence: Shahbaz

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday said that confidence in the absolution of prophethood was unshakeable.

He stated, it is still so and it will stay in place since this conviction is the essential piece of our religion and who does not have confidence in the conclusion of the prophethood is removed from Islam. The CM said the Constitution had likewise supported the confidence in the conclusiveness of the prophethood and the PML-N holds unshakeable confidence in the irrevocability of the prophethood.

The Chief Minister communicated these perspectives while conversing with an appointment of Ulema, here Saturday. Priest of State for Religious Affairs Pir Amin-ul-Hasnat Shah, Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Siyalvi, Pir Aijaz Hashmi, Maulana Dr. Raghib Hussain Naeemi, Pir Syed Tahir Saeed Kazmi, Mufti Intekhab Ahmed, Pirzada Usman, Mufi Muhammad Ramazan Siyalvi, Mufti Muhammad Haseeb Qadri, Mufti Imran Hanfi, Maulana Abdul Mustafa Hazarvi, Maulana Muhammad Ali Naqshbandi and others were incorporated into the designation.

Conversing with the appointment, CM Shahbaz Sharif said quick move was made when a few changes in such manner were called attention to in the pledge and the promise was reestablished to its unique shape and the parliament revised the concerned law in such manner.

He said each Muslim has finish confidence in the irrevocability of the prophethood. He said assessments of all regarded Ulema were tuned in to mindfully and we regard their perspectives. He said the life of the Prophet (PBUH) is an extraordinary case for all of Muslims to take after.

He stated, Ulema should spread the lessons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their sermons. He stated, he had given quick proclamation in such manner and he remains by this announcement and he had said ‘who has done this blasphemous, ask him to leave for good’.

Commonplace priests Rana Sanaullah, Syed Zaeem Qadri, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary Home, IGP and concerning authorities were available on the event.

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