Assemblage of transgender individual found in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The body of a transgender individual was discovered lying on Warsak Road in the city on Saturday, police said.

As per the police, the body was found from the fields in Ashiqabad, inside the purview of Mathra police headquarters.

Police said the body was yet to be distinguished, which is the reason they took it in their authority and began examination concerning the case.

In the mean time, addressing, social rights lobbyist Qamar Naseem said the perished was an inhabitant of Iqbal Plaza where a portion of the kindred occupants distinguished the body as that of Arif nom de plume Warra from Karachi, while the others said she was from Oghi, Mansehra.

Naseem said the body, which seemed, by all accounts, to be a few days old as it had creepy crawlies slithering on it, hinted at fierce torment.

Despite the fact that the body was discovered before in the day, it was not covered until the night as the accountable for the main funeral home in Peshawar, which had a place with Khyber Medical College, was not prepared to take it in, saying a creepy crawly swarmed body couldn’t be kept there, Naseem said.

Then again, he included, the administration contractual worker — working under the police division — who is mindful to cover unclaimed bodies additionally declined to complete the last rituals.

Indeed, even the expired’s kindred occupants at Iqbal Plaza were not prepared to assert the body to perform last customs as they needed to remain out of the issue, the social dissident said. He added it was sad to see that there were around 300 to 400 transgender people there at the square however none of them appeared to be thoughtful towards the body that was “hit by blade and almost beheaded”.

Whenever solicited, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Additional Director General from Health Dr Ayub Roz said he informed KMC Principal Dr Noor-ul-Aman however the last did not hit him up.

In any case, he included, the mortuary in-control would have denied on the grounds that the body had a solid stench exuding from it, which would have encompassed different bodies kept there.


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