Karachi’s serial ‘blade aggressor’ captured in Mandi Bahuddin: police


Right around three weeks since the primary cutting episode in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, police have at long last guaranteed to have captured the prime suspect behind the arrangement of blade assaults.

In a noteworthy achievement on account of 13 ladies being cut by a blade using motorcyclist, the police say they captured a suspect, Muhammad Waseem, who was purportedly associated with a few wounding cases in Punjab also.

Waseem was captured by an exceptional police group of the Karachi police lead by District Korangi SSP Captain (retd) Haider Raza who dealt with the capture with the help of the Sahiwal police.

“I am will share the uplifting news that we have at last captured Waseem,” affirmed SSP Raza while conversing with The Express Tribune. “However, we presently can’t seem to formally start cross examinations.

In an informal introductory cross examination he denied his inclusion,” uncovered the cop.

Karachi ladies arm themselves against ‘knifeman’

The police claim to have captured Waseem from Mandi Bahuddin, Punjab and said it will take a day or two to convey him to Karachi for official cross examinations.

“The Lahore police additionally speculate him of being engaged with two comparable late occurrences that happened in Lahore,” the SSP said. “On the off chance that the Lahore police don’t book and capture him for a situation we will arrest him convey him to Karachi promptly.”

The police intend to convey him to Karachi by means of street and that will take no less than several days.

The motivation behind why the police are so certain of his contribution in the cases in Karachi is a result of Waseem’s inclusion in more than 200 comparative cases in Chicha Watni and more than 35 cases in the place where he grew up of Sahiwal amid 2013 and 2014.

He was captured by the Sahiwal police in 2015 yet was later discharged in 2016 because of absence of proof. From that point forward he had been missing.

The Sahiwal police had likewise arrested his sibling and companion with a specific end goal to get data to follow and capture Waseem when the Karachi police drew closer the Sahiwal police following the arrangement of assaults on ladies in Karachi.

Another lady wounded in Karachi as ‘knifeman’ stays on the loose

“Comparable episodes have so far happened in Chicha Watni, Sahiwal, Karachi and Lahore,” said SSP Raza. “The Karachi and Lahore episodes are the current ones,” he clarified.

The police presume that Waseem may have been associated with avoiding the police and cutting ladies in Lahore on October 11 after he ended up noticeably mindful that the Karachi police were searching for him.

The police, in any case, are not by any means beyond any doubt whether he is really associated with the cutting cases in Karachi.

“We don’t know whether he is associated with the Karachi episodes or not,” the SSP conceded. “Be that as it may, at any rate we can clear him [if he wasn’t involved] and can concentrate on hunting down the other person with finish fixation.”

So far no less than 13 ladies have been harmed in a few episodes in parts of District East – Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Dalmia, Rashid Minhas Road, Pehlwan Goth and PIB Colony – while twelve cases have likewise been enrolled since the occurrences started on September 25.

The police issued the speculated aggressor’s photo with brief subtle elements different circumstances, looking for the assistance of the general population in catching the assailant. They likewise declared reward cash of Rs1 million for nationals who enable the police to follow and capture the suspect.

Blade employing motorcyclist powers ladies to remain home in Karachi

The style of the aggressor portrayed in the media demonstrates that he may have an identity issue, commented the administrator of the psychiatry branch of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Professor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Afridi.

As per him, for the most part individuals who assault individuals in such ways don’t have a specific thought processes or targets and really enjoy harming others.

Dr Afridi commented that such individuals are marked ‘mental cases’ in more seasoned writing, though they are called dis-social by the World Health Organization and ‘standoffish’ in the United States.

“Examination of such individuals ought to be finished by a specialist,” he stated, including that the presume must be set in a restoration program for treatment before his possible discharge as enabling such individuals to move about in the public arena as they can hurt individuals if their mental conditions are left untreated.

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