Ehtesab to be no matter how you look at it, says NAB boss

Ehtesab to be no matter how you look at it, says NAB boss

ISLAMABAD: The new National Accountability Bureau (NAB) boss, Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, on Wednesday said that the responsibility (Ehtesab) process would be no matter how you look at it with no separation. He accepted the workplace of NAB executive on Wednesday.

Taking to newsmen casually outside the Parliament House on Wednesday, where he came to go to the meeting of Senate’s Committee on Human Rights as the executive of Missing Persons Commission, he said that he would take after the law however he couldn’t satisfy the wants and emerge dreams of others. He said that the arguments against the Sharif family would be managed on justify and whatever the result may be, the law would follow through to its logical end.

“I will by and by screen the arraignment of the cases and an obvious change will be seen in such manner in time,” he said.In reaction to an inquiry, he said that the weaknesses in the Panama case, assuming any, future redressed.

He said that all the political gatherings had acknowledged his designation and the individuals who did not, expressed that they would observe nearly his activities. “When I was in the Supreme Court, I said equity for all and now I say responsibility for all,” he said.

Javed Iqbal said every one of the cases would be closed by following the legitimate prerequisites like the request of the Abbottabad Commission.

The NAB administrator said that he would keep on heading the Missing Persons Commission as its last report was in the last stage, and would leave the commission after the finishing of the report.

In the mean time, on the primary day of his office, Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, was informed about the key managerial and departmental issues of the agency at NAB’s home office. Giving the authorities their first undertaking, the new NAB boss requested points of interest of all the exceptional cases, references and records.

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