Election results 2017: May stays, for now

E l What a day. This time last night, the two main parties were pouring cold water all over the exit poll that put Theresa May’s future in doubt. Tonight that question is very much on Tory minds.
She said today that she wants to stay and is in the process of working out how to deal more closely with the DUP (not without controversy) to get her business through Parliament.
Yet, there is an increasing mood that she might not get the chance to do so for very long. One minister predicted that, “slowly and reluctantly”, the party might rally round her.
But sentiment in the party, never scientific, seems to be drifting away from allowing that situation to happen.
Three MPs have publicly questioned her right to stay on. One senior Conservative told me tonight she “has to go”, suggesting she has a “responsibility to the party” to get the Queens Speech through, show the Conservatives can form the government, and then she ought to move aside.
ection results 2017: May stays, for now

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