Justice Department Takes Rare Step to Revoke Terrorist’s U.S. Citizenship

(CHICAGO) — The Department of Justice has taken the rare step of trying to strip a convicted terrorist of U.S. citizenship in what some critics say could mark a new, tougher line under President Donald Trump.Pakistani-born Iyman Faris is serving the last years of a 20-year sentence imposed in 2003 for plotting with al-Qaida to destroy New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

A government filing Monday in Illinois where the former Ohio truck driver is imprisoned launched the bid to revoke his citizenship. Among other things, it says Faris lacked a commitment to principles in the U.S. Constitution.

New York-based terrorism scholar Karen Greenberg says the move appears to be a method to add on an extra punishment. She says she fears it’s also a signal Trump is “redefining” the country as “anti-immigration.”

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