demanded an end to cases against his party workers

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan leader Farooq Sattar has demanded an end to cases against his party workers related to anti-national speech on August 22 last year.

The senior MQM-Pakistan leader said this in a press conference at the party’s PIB Colony headquarters after his release following a brief detention by police personnel in Karachi. “I can’t say if it was an arrest or a visit to the police station,” he said.

Without naming the MQM founder Altaf Hussain, Sattar said, “We have practically implemented minus-one. If now our workers are not released from the politically motivated cases, our offices continue to remain sealed, and if the leader of Pakistan’s fourth largest political party is treated in such a way, then people will get confused.”

He added, “We have created an opportunity. If support is not given to those who stand with Pakistan Zindabad then the people will be forced to think that the agenda is beyond minus-one.”

The MQM-Pakistan chief reiterated that “We took extraordinary steps on August 23, now the time has come to respect those measures,” he added, “there is a policy level confusion existing right now with regards to MQM-Pakistan. The label of this August 22 cases must not taken away from them.”

Sattar waves at his supporters after he was released from police detention
Sattar waves at supporters after being released from police detention

Sattar said the MQM workers present at the Karachi Press Club on August 22 are innocent as they were not aware of the content of the speech.

“Justice must be served in favour of those who have disassociated from the Aug 22 speech,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, MQM leader Faisal Sabzwari said that baseless cases are also against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as well; he added that the ‘political vultures’ who are considering MQM dead are mistaken.

Sattar`s press conference came after a dramatic series of events in which police detained the MQM-Pakistan leader, only to release him an hour later.

Following Sattar’s release, the Rabita Committee announced that it would go ahead with its decision celebrate the party’s ‘Youm-e-Tasees’ today, (March 18).

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