Aleppo city, a Syrian opposition monitoring group said Saturday

Aleppo city, a Syrian opposition monitoring group said Saturday.

Opposition fighters launched the protracted attack on Oct. 28 on government-held Aleppo, aiming to break a months-long government-imposed siege on the eastern part of the city they control. They have since advanced on a number of neighbourhoods on the city’s western edge, capturing al-Assad district and Minian village as pro-government forces fought back to regain control.

The Syrian military said the first three days of the rebel offensive left more than 80 people killed. It was not immediately possible to reconcile the discrepancy in casualty figures.Rights groups and the U.N. have sharply criticized the opposition groups for the indiscriminate shelling of western Aleppo districts that resulted in a number of civilian deaths. Such criticism has largely been reserved for the government and its allies for indiscriminate bombing of residential areas.

Prior to the rebel offensive and in less than a month, more than 400 civilians, many of them children, have been killed in bombings that also hit a school and medical facilities, and nearly 2,000 wounded in rebel-held Aleppo and surrounding areas.

The Observatory said Saturday that three civilian deaths were recorded in rebel-held Aleppo districts in the past week. Russia had declared a halt on airstrikes on the besieged part of the city since Oct.18. But there were reports of airstrikes on the city’s edge and in rural areas.

On Friday, a renewed 10-hour Russian offer of a moratorium on airstrikes on rebel-held parts of Aleppo expired. None of the area’s estimated 275,000 residents evacuated the territory, as was urged by Russian and Syrian officials. There were fears that a punishing aerial campaign would resume on the city after the expiration.

But early afternoon Saturday, there were no reports of airstrikes in the city.

However, Syrian activists reported airstrikes on western rural Aleppo province aga

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