No arms Race in south Asia

UNITED NATIONS: In an obvious reference to India, Pakistan  has voiced concern over the growing transfers of conventional armaments in volatile regions, saying it has every potential of fueling instability and jeopardizing the delicate regional balance.l_118424_032148_updates

“South Asia is a sensitive region where one state’s military spending grossly and vastly out-shadows all others,” Ambassador Tehmina Janjua, the permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations in Geneva, told the General Assembly’s Disarmament and International Security Committee on Thursday.

“We remain concerned over the growing transfers of conventional  armaments especially in volatile regions that are inconsistent with the imperatives of maintaining peace, security and stability,” she said in a thematic debate on conventional weapons.

“The policy of dual standards towards South Asia, based on narrow  strategic, political and commercial considerations, must be eschewed,” the Pakistani envoy said.

Pakistan, she said, was committed to the establishment of strategic  stability in South Asia,which includes an element of conventional force balance. “It (Pakistan) neither wants, nor is it engaged in an arms race in the region.


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